Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time To Hit The Studio!

The GTO's have one more show on Friday, and then it's into the studio to start production on our Sophomore CD! We are excited about the new material and are confident that our next effort will increase our fanbase and maybe get us in demand to tour regionally nationally and globally!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The Bite Of Broadview"

       Ahhh the summer family concert @Magnuson was FANtastic! Little babies to folks in their eighties, everybody had a goooood time!

       Next up for myself and the Georgetown Orbits is The Bite of Broadview on Friday, September 24th @Christ the King Catholic Church In Seattle, a fall festival that has been an annual for the past 37 years, just re-named this year! once again it is an all ages event! The only drawback is the GTO's take the stage at 8pm, so that may be a little too late 4 our youngest fans, the infants and toddlers.

       I really hope to see old friends come check us out (this show is also free admission), as well as the hope of meeting some new friends, and making some new fans!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Lessons in Humility"

Two things I have always loved the most is Music and Basketball. I play them both best when I remain humble. This morning I played basketball, and for the second consecutive week I've been fortunate enough to play on Sunday morning, and also be teamed with the right combination of players, that make the game fun and more effortless and harmonious, The reason last week I'm sure is because I was on a team with an ex NBA'er who coaxed me into running two more games (7), than my usual max. limit (5). This week because I was teamed with  young man (32 to my 46yrs.),  I'm always picked to oppose, because it has been determined that I'm best option to detain or de-rail or somehow slow down the guy who dominates our Sunday games. Last week we were 6 and 1 and this week we had just gone to five and 0, when i decided that I was having so much fun and our dominance was so easy that I started to laugh and make boastful comments!. I promptly twisted my knee in game six. My entire life has been a huge lesson in humility, and everytime I forget the lesson, kharma immediately rewards me my just dessert!

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Stone Ska Picnic"

 Me and the Georgetown Orbits, jump on the stage at Magnuson Park on Friday August 6th as part of the "Magnuson Summer Concert" series, it's outdoors and all-ages (my favorite type of show)!!! 

So if you live in Seattle pack your picnic baskets, Wine and cheese, but most important , Don't forget to bring the KIDS!